2012 installation MA

double-sided projection of stop-motion-movies (made in the technique of paper-cut-animation) on a "ceramical monitor"

2x3min loop

linz /austria

©josseline engeler
©josseline engeler

Two different analog paper-cut-animation movies are projected in a very high angle onto the front sides of a ceramical board, which by this becomes a "monitor". The projectors are almost invisible. There is no sound. The movies on each side of the board are connected to each other. They show technical constructions reminding of a marble run. A round black form, appearing as a sphere is running through one side's system
and its mechanisms. There are two different projections, but supposingly only one sphere. When the sphere made its way through the system on one side of the board it vanishes so to say "into" the board and then appears on the other side to run through the other side's system and disappear again and so on and so on. The spectator can follow the sphere's journey by walking around the ceramic object. This is repeated endlessly.