2010 video- and soundinstallation

20min. loop

linz / austria


2010 in exhibition "hässlich?" at gallery 

salzamt / linz / austria


2015-2016 in exhibition "Mythos Schönheit. Facetten des Schönen in Natur, Kunst und Gesellschaft."

Schlossmuseum Linz / Landesmuseum Oberösterreich / austria


 affenzirkus©josseline engeler
affenzirkus©josseline engeler

In the videoinstallation “affenzirkus” people disguised as animals are giving answers to the question what they do find ugly about their own human bodies.

As there supposingly is no self-doubting and no uglyness in the perception of animals, the bear, lion or capricorn philosophing critically about it's body, makes the spectator smirk, but still he is listening to humans talking about their outer deficiencies. The work plays with the closeness between tragedy and comedy.