Collaboration with Brazilian artist Renato Atuati.

Site-specific video installation in public space.

Rua Fernandes Tomás / Porto / Portugal

October 2014

Because of the economic situation of Portugal nowadays there are lots of abandoned houses throughout the whole country. The townscapes are shaped by them. At the windows of one of these abandoned houses in the city of Porto we projected a video. Using mapping we project only onto the metal-curtains barricading the windows. It seems as if the light would come from the inside of the house. Within in the video you see possible everyday activities of a couple in the evening. But they only appear as shadows, black silhouettes in the windows. They sit by the window, talk to each other, eat together, look at the streets, they smoke, read, drink coffee and wine and after one hour they close the evening by switching of the light "inside the house".
The video is visible for the neighbours in the surrounding houses and the people passing by not only in the level of the actual street this house stands in, but also in other surrounding streets.

Mapping on an abandoned house.
Full length of the projection is 1 hour.


Actors: Josseline Engeler / Renato Atuati